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Looking to take a vacation but don’t know how to get started? is the perfect place to start. This tour booking platform offers a variety of escorted tours, private tours, and city passes, making it easy for you to find the perfect vacation package. Plus, with’s 24/7 customer service, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. a Review
Do you love to travel but hate the hassle and expense of planning? If so, you need to check out Viator! Viator is a website that allows you to book tours and attractions at destinations all over the world. But what makes Viator so special? Let’s take a look! is a travel booking site that offers discounts on hotels, flights, activities, restaurants, and other services. What makes them stand out from the crowd?
Viator was acquired by Trip Advisor in 2014, and has since grown into a leading global provider of travel experiences. They offer many deals on hotel rooms and thousands of tours and attractions worldwide.
With over many years of experience, Viator has built a reputation for providing exceptional service and value. Their team of experts curates hundreds of millions of vacation options every year, ensuring they only recommend the very best.
The company has expanded its offerings, adding guided tours, food tours, and private events like wine tastings and cooking classes. It now claims to offer “the largest selection of culinary tours worldwide.”
Today we will talk about why this is a great website to add to your travel planning tool kit!
How does work? is a travel website that connects travelers with local guides who offer tours and activities in their hometowns. offers city-specific, small group tours to more than 1 million people every year. It offers a variety of travel services, but the great part is finding tours at very affordable prices. also offers a variety of guides and resources to help travelers plan their trips.
Viator is a website that offers tourists a variety of activities to do while on vacation. This can include things such as 4×4 and camel tours in Dubai, a personal tour of the Colosseum in Rome, or a tour of New York by helicopter. provides a more personalized experience. is a website that provides travelers with a more personalized experience. The website allows users to search for and compare different travel options, and then book tickets directly through the website. This allows travelers to have more control over their travel experience and eliminates the need to contact different travel agents in order to make reservations. also provides a variety of helpful tools, such as a trip planner, that make planning a trip easier. is a great resource for finding local tour guides. You can find guides for things like wineries, breweries, and other tourist attractions. This way, you can get an interesting mix of services. The great thing about Viator is that you can book your tour right on the website, and you can be sure that you’re getting a great deal as thier is no hidden costs. offers Cheap Prices on Tours.
One of the things that makes Viator so popular is its cheap prices. You can often find deals on Viator that are cheaper than if you booked through the attraction’s website.
The prices on Viator’s website vary greatly depending on the location and type of excursion. A basic walking tour might cost $20, while a more complex excursion could cost hundreds. On average, a good day trip might be around $65 – $90 per person.
Variety of Tours and Attractions Listed on
Viator offers a variety of tours and attractions, from city tours to theme parks to helicopter rides. You’re sure to find something that interests you!
Some classic tours highlighted on their page are
* The Grand Canyon
* The Statue of Liberty
* The London Eye
* The Eiffel Tower
* Niagara Falls
* The Sydney Opera House
* The Venice Canal
But then you can book more off – beat tours in lesser – known places. Part of the fun of using their web page is finding that odd tour that sounds exciting.
For instance, if you have never tried free diving, you are missing out on one of the most exhilarating sports on the planet. Free diving is a sport that allows you to explore the depths of the ocean without the need for scuba gear. All you need is a diving mask, fins, and a wetsuit.
If you love the sound of the ocean and want to get active on your vacation, a volcano tour is perfect for you. These tours take you to some of the most beautiful and remote beaches in the world, where you can hike, bike, and swim to your heart’s content.
Is Legit?
The services provided on are professional, if you had issues, you can contact support. If you have any issues while on a tour, you can contact support for help. They are always available to help and are more than happy to assist you in any way possible.
Further, Viator is owned by Tripadvisor. This allows Viator to provide users with a wealth of information about upcoming travel destinations. Additionally, it allows Viator to offer its users a variety of travel deals and discounts.
Viator is a legitimate company with years of experience in the tourism industry.
You can also see over 50,000 reviews on Trustpilot here saying that the company is good.
If you don’t know what Trustpilot is, Trustpilot is a website that allows customers to review businesses and products. This is a great resource for consumers who want to know what others think about a company before making a purchase., some of the Pro’s
Many of the pro’s of using Viator include the following: -The site is easy to use and navigate. -The site has a wide variety of attractions, including those that are off the beaten path. -The site offers a variety of payment options, including both credit and debit cards. -The site offers a great deal of customer support.
In summary
The company uses technology to improve their services and make it easy to book a tour.
There are a good deal of travel guide choices on one page.
If your trip is canceled, you will receive a refund by the time you reach home.
Viator’s strong brand and global recognition comes from its connection with TripAdvisor.
You only pay for the attractions you choose and there are no hidden fees., some of the Con’s
While the website has many positive aspects, there are also some con’s. For example, some tours are very expensive, and the website does not always provide accurate information about the tours. Additionally, some tours are not suitable for people with certain health conditions.
The suppliers are mixed. Being that they are from locals, professionals, and others. You should read the reviews before committing to a trip, unless you are up for an experience, good or bad.
If you were to find the tour company on your own, you might get a better price as Viator does put a markup on the price.
Sometimes, the information provided about the tours or operators is not detailed, so contact them ahead of time if that is the issue.
What to look for when booking a Trip with
First, always read the reviews. offers customer reviews for most of their trips, so you can get an idea of what to expect. Second, be sure to check the price. offers competitive prices on their trips, but there may be cheaper options available. Finally, make sure you understand the cancellation policy.
Before you start looking at trips, take a look at your budget and see what you can afford. There are a lot of great deals out there if you’re willing to be flexible with your dates and destination.
Summary about is a website that helps travelers find and book trips. It has a variety of resources, including a search engine, trip planner, and a forum. It also has a review section where users can write about their experiences using the site. Overall, is an easy-to-use resource that can help travelers plan their trips quickly and easily.
With so many bookings available on Viator, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs. If you don’t get the answers you require from the first tour operator, don’t worry — keep looking until you find one that makes you feel confident.
Thank you for reading! I hope you found this article helpful. I personally recommend using for finding fun things to do in your free time.
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