Kayak.com Review 2023: Is Kayak Legit?

Is Kayak legit? How reliable is the site? If you plan your next business trip or vacation, you need the best travel site to help you. Check out this Kayak review for everything you need to know about the site.

Currently, the tourism industry is worth over $1.2 trillion. And over $800 billion worth of travel bookings is made online annually. This means that there are several online travel booking sites to help cover this considerable travel demand.

But how do you know the best site to use? How do you find the best travel deals? Travel agencies and travel comparison sites are your best option. If you’ve booked a trip online, you’ve probably encountered the travel agency Kayak. It’s one of the most popular travel comparison sites and agencies on the internet.

The truth is Kayak is a legit and reliable site – it’s gotten as popular as it is for a reason! But, we intend to review Kayak in-depth to determine exactly how legit, reliable, and helpful it is.

What is Kayak?

Flight bookings in Kayak

Kayak is a booking and price comparison travel website. It’s a one-stop shop for excursionists looking for affordable travel deals. In essence, the website gives you price comparisons to enable you to make the best choice possible for accommodation, flights, and rental car prices.

Since Kayak partners with different websites, users can find the best deals using its platform. It eliminates the need to browse 100s of websites for the best price. The reason being the website pulls data from different websites, offering it on one convenient site.

After discovering the enormous need for a comparison travel website, Kayak as a company was started in 2004 by Steve Hafner and Paul M. English, after almost ten years, the website was acquired by Booking Holdings in 2013 and continues to grow.

Over the years, it has focused on offering the lowest travel price possible. Recently the company launched an app version of the website to improve the user experience for mobile users.

How Does Kayak Work?

Planning a Trip with Kayak

The website has a search bar on top where you add all the relevant information of what you are searching for. After entering all the data, the search results will show you all the available flight or hotel options. You will also get price comparisons to help you make the right choice depending on your budget.

Also, apart from getting price comparisons, Kayak has a trip planner that simplifies your planning process. With the Kayak trip planner, you can track prices and save searches to help you make the best decision.

The Kayak interface has features to help you book flights, hotels, car rentals and even determine the best flight schedule. You can plan your trip from one website and get the best business or vacation packages. It’s no secret that trip planning can be pretty stressful. For that reason, having one place to plan everything is very helpful.

Booking Flights

Kayak booking flights page

As an experienced traveler, I’ve found that booking flights with Kayak can be a convenient and time-saving process. This is because Kayak allows me to view flights from multiple airlines in one place, which saves me the hassle of searching through various airline websites.

The platform is legit and can help you find better prices for flights, hotels, rental cars, and more by scanning other websites and displaying the best deals. When I use Kayak, I appreciate the transparency in their flight booking system.

They show both main cabin seats and basic economy seats, which are not assigned until check-in. The affordable basic economy seats may be a bit less convenient due to the last-minute booking, but they can be a great option if you’re on a tight budget or don’t mind where you sit on the plane.

However, it’s important to note that Kayak is not a booking platform. Instead, it acts as an aggregator, gathering information from various providers to help you find the best deals. When you find a flight you want to book, Kayak will direct you to the airline’s website, a third-party booking site, or another provider to complete the reservation.


Kayak hotel booking page

I find it quite efficient and user-friendly when I use Kayak to search for accommodations. With a wide range of options, from hotels and hostels to vacation rentals, I can refine my search using various filters to suit my preferences, such as price, star rating, amenities, and location.

As mentioned, Kayak also aggregates information from multiple booking sites to provide a comprehensive list of available accommodations. This way, I can compare prices and decide the best place to stay. Furthermore, Kayak often displays deals and discounts, which can help me save some money on my stay.

While browsing for accommodations, I appreciate that Kayak shows traveler ratings and reviews from other reliable platforms. This allows me to gain insight into previous guests’ experiences and make a more informed decision.

Aside from that, Kayak’s map feature is extremely helpful, as it displays the exact location of the accommodations and nearby attractions, making it easy for me to choose a place that aligns with my trip itinerary.

Car Rentals

Kayak car rental page

Regarding car rentals, Kayak is quite helpful in simplifying searching and comparing rental options. For me, the platform has been able to display a variety of choices, with prices and specifications that make it easier to find the right fit for my requirements.

I have also found the price predictor tool a valuable feature Kayak offers. This tool helps me gauge the demand for rental cars and plan my bookings accordingly to find a great rental car deal. By giving insights on whether rental car prices are likely to increase, decrease or stay the same, Kayak allows me to make a well-informed decision, potentially saving money.

While using Kayak for car rentals, similarly to their flights and accommodations, they aggregate data from different providers, including both local and international rental companies. This comprehensive approach enables me to explore a wide range of options, ensuring I can find a suitable car rental deal for my needs. Additionally, the user-friendly interface and the ability to filter results by preferences such as car type, rental company, and price range contribute to a positive user experience.

Once a preferred option is selected, users are redirected to the corresponding rental company’s website to complete the booking process. This means that any issues or concerns regarding the rental should be addressed directly with the rental company rather than Kayak.

Trip Planning Tools

In this section, I will discuss some of the useful trip-planning tools provided by Kayak to make your travel experience better. These tools include Explore, Price Alerts, and Travel Hack Guides.


Katak explore tool feature

The Explore tool is one of my favorite features of Kayak. With this tool, I can discover new travel destinations based on my budget, travel interests, and preferred travel dates.

By entering my origin airport and adjusting the filters, Kayak’s Explore map shows me various global destinations and approximate airfare costs. This feature helps me stay within budget and inspires me to visit new places I might not have considered otherwise.

Price Alerts

A price alert is handy when I want to track the price of a specific flight, hotel, or rental car. Once I set a price alert, I receive email notifications or mobile app push notifications whenever the price changes. This tool helps me stay informed about price fluctuations and allows me to make a well-informed decision about when to book my travel arrangements.

Kayak app in Apple app store
  • Email Notifications: I can receive email alerts when the price of the flight, hotel, or rental car I’m tracking changes.
  • Mobile App Notifications: Kayak’s mobile app sends push notifications whenever a price change for my tracked itinerary is changed.

Travel Hack Guides

Kayak's travel hacker guide

The Travel Hack Guides on Kayak offer useful tips and tricks for individuals like me who want to save money and time while planning an entire trip. These guides cover various topics such as budgeting, finding the best travel deals, navigating airport security, packing effectively, and making the most of layovers. By leveraging these guides, I can optimize my travel experience and explore new destinations without breaking the bank.

Tips on Using Kayak to Book Flights and Hotels

1. Protect your Data

Data is the new gold in the modern era. You must protect your data at all costs when using Kayak or any other website. You might be required to fill out personal details and billing information at some point. Only answer what the website asks you to provide. Log out of the website if anything seems fishy and start the process again.

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